Sharing our small farm stories and skills along our farming, gardening and homesteading journey. Visit the farm for an informative and sometimes irreverent tour through our garden, livestock pastures, chicken coop and greenhouse as we live - pasture to plate. Farming topics free range around pastured heritage pigs, broiler chickens and pastured eggs, heritage breed turkeys, an heirloom vegetable CSA and garden, high tunnel / hoop house / green houses, organic and traditional gardening, farm infrastructure, tractors, sustainable energy, permaculture, food preservation and even fence mending.

Farming stories and skills from our small farm, gardening and homesteading journey -

pasture to plate.

This weeks farm updates:

  • Special announcement is we are going to be a featured podcast on Libsyn's blog of up-and-comers on October 15th!
  • Pork pickup - happy customers and farmers - yummy pork too!
  • Hermione and Katniss are getting along just smashingly
  • Turkey vs Fox story (a win for the good guys)
  • We eat good - soup - add greens - yum!

In the CoopCast Community:

  • Business info posting on Facebook -
  • Gift from listener -
  • A "postivie" review, maybe, says she can't go to sleep without our voices - hmmmmm!? 
  • And National Lard Rendering Month, maybe?

In the News:

  • Pig farmer eaten by his pigs
  • Farm out of business
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